Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018

Exhibition at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018, the catalogue The History of sitting in Sweden, with certain emphasis on the period after 1907, price list and invitations commissioned by Stolab. 

Text: Lars Forsberg. Översättning: Karolina Mårn. Photography: Erik Lefvander. Photography from Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair: Patrik Lindell.

Wallpaper: print-out, 12.000x4.000 mm. Catalogue: soft bound with a dust jacket, 48 pp., 210x297 mm, offset. Price list: stapled, 8 pp., 210x297 mm, offset. Invitation: card 210x148 mm, offset. Envelope: C5, letter press printed. Digital invitations and posts on Instagram. In collaboration with Jonas Lindvall. (2017–2018)