TMG Sthlm

No. 3. Genre: Dust Jackets

The third unit in the publication series on various media. Genre: Dust Jackets. No. 3: About a part of the book that is more valuable than the book. Bound with dust jacket in carry box with cross folded poster. Attachments: covering letter and the TMG Sthlm: Various News unit.

Text: Lars Forsberg. Photography: Andreas Ackerup, Christer Strömholm (publication and conference rooms), Dawid, Patrik Lindell and The Bodleian Library.

Publication: 96 pp., 240x340 mm, triplex and colour offset. Poster: 593x420 mm, offset. Attachments: 210x297 mm, offset. Commissioned by TMG Sthlm printers, Bromma. (2012)