The Platinum Academy


Website commissioned by the Platinum Academy. Launched in conjunction to The Golden Egg Award 2024.

The Platinum Academy consists of art directors, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, directors, copywriters and creative directors who, through their talent and personality, have contributed more than others to the development of advertising and design in Sweden. The Platinum Academy have, since its first Platinum Egg Award in 1975, been in close collaboration with Komm, the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies.

Editors and writers: Björn Engström, Lars Forsberg (editor in chief), Magnus Jakobsson, Linus Karlsson, Carl Lewenhaupt, Jacob Nelson, Filip Nilsson, Anna Qvennerstedt and Göran Åkestam.

Images: From the members of The Platinum Academy, the Swedish archive of advertising and graphic design at Landskrona museum, among others. All rights reserved by the respective authors of the images and texts.

Technical production of the website: Reidar Pritzel.

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