Park Books (Switzerland)

Sigurd Lewerentz, Pure Aesthetics

The book Sigurd Lewerentz, Pure Aesthetics, St. Mark’s Church commissioned by Park Books (Switzerland). On St. Mark's Church (Markuskyrkan) in Björkhagen south of Stockholm (Sweden), designed by Sigurd Lewerentz (1885–1975) and built 1956–1963.

17 chapters, from Parish Building, Church Entrance, Church Rear Yard, Congregation Rear Yard, Courtyard, Church, Assembly Hall, Lobby, Hall, Stairs and Library, Upstairs Office, Crown Room, Meeting Rooms, Auditorium, Parish Office, Belfry, Crossover to Drawings, Site Plans, Plans and Sections.

Concept and photography: Karin Björkquist and Sébastien Corbari. Introduction: Karin Björkquist and Sébastien Corbari. Texts: Stephen Bates, Maria Aron Berg, Petter Eklund, Hansjörg Göritz, Mathew Hall and Beate Hølmebakk. Drawings (book): Sébastien Corbari. Original drawings (dust jacket): Sigurd Lewerentz, John Tommerup and Ole Mindedal Rasmussen.

Hardcover (raw cut edges), 200x270 mm, 352 pages, offset. Dust jacket (original drawings on the inside),  864x530 mm, offset. (2020–2021)