Jens Assur

The book Private Nature, published by Norstedts in conjunction with the exhibition at Liljevalchs, autumn 2023 (to see the project, click here).

Jens Assur’s project spans seven years and more than a million images. 205 of these are featured in the book, along with five essays and an appendix of notes from the making of the project.

Photography: Jens Assur. Text: Jens Assur, Aase Berg, Henrik Ekman, Klas Sandell, Sverker Sörlin and David Thurfjell. Translation: Robert Dunlap and Alice E. Olsson. Publisher, Norstedts: Michaéla Marmgren. Production manager, Norstedts: Cilla Nilsson Sjöblom.

Swiss bound book with tipped-in image, 392 pp., 239x320 mm, offset and foil embossed cover. Staple bound appendix, 52 pp., 130x210 mm, offset. (2023)