Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020

Exhibition graphics, publication, price lists, tote bag, business cards, etcetera commissioned by Lintex in conjunction with Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020.

Design of exhibition: Halleroed. Styling of exhibition: Lotta Agaton Interiors. Photography, publication: Brendan Austin and Mikkel Mortensen. Texts, publication and tote bag: Petter Eklund and Lars Forsberg. Photography, price lists: Brendan Austin and Mikkel Mortensen. Styling, price lists: Lotta Agaton Interiors. Text, price lists: Petter Ekelund and Lintex. Photography, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair: Patrik Lindell.

Publication: Swiss binding, 96 pp., 239x338 mm, offset. Supplement 1: stapled, 24 pp., 210x297 mm, offset. Supplement 2: folded, 8 pp., 148x210 mm, offset. Price lists: 108 pp., six languages, 210x297 mm, offset. Screen printed tote bag. Letter press printed business cards. (2019–2020)