Publication 2022

Write, Essential tools and the beauty of sharing ideas. Publication (two alternative covers) with two supplements during spring 2022.

Photography: Andreas Ackerup, Brendan Austin, Johan Fowelin, Studio Kleiner, Andy Liffner, Mikkel Mortensen, Ragnar Omarsson, Pia Ulin and Erik Undéhn. Illustration: Min Ha Park. Styling: Lotta Agaton Interiors. Text: Fabian af Ekenstam, Petter Eklund och Sara Gripstrand.

Publication: Hard cover, 96 pp., 239x338 mm, offset. Supplement 1: two sheets, 148x210 mm, offset.  Supplement 2: Stapled, 16 pp., 210x297 mm, offset. Silk screen printed tote bags with two alternative illustrations. (2021–2022)