Hesperios (USA)

No. 2, Memory

Art direction and production of Hesperios Journal, No. 2, Memory. Simultaneous publication of Hesperios Journal, No. 1, Eudaimonia, fall 2016.

Text: Chris Fischer, Malcom Ford, Erik Heywood, Autumn Hrubý, Peter van Kester, Katherine Krause, Dan Lardner, Mami Shirakawa, Diana Stockton et al. Photography and illustration: Gustaf von Arbin, Stella Berkofsky, Beatrice Champ, Todd Cole, Chris Fischer, Patrick Fraser, Marcelo Gomes, Shaun Hartas, Autumn Hrubý, Jingdezhen, Mitsuo Katsui and Luuk Kramer.

Soft cover, 232 pp. with a tipped-in image on the cover, 185x245 mm, offset. Poster, 297x420 mm, offset. (2013–2016)