Birkhäuser Verlag (Switzerland)

Crucial Words

Book for Birkhäuser Verlag (Switzerland): Crucial Words, in connection with the exhibition Eight Houses on Gert Wingårdh at the Gothenburg Röhsska Museum in 2008 (see Röhsska Museum).

Editors: Gert Wingårdh and Rasmus Wærn. Texts by Massimiliano Fuksas, Denise Scott Brown, Peter Blundell Jones, Orhan Pamuk et al. Photographs and art by Giorgio De Chirico, Andreas Gursky, Philip Johnson, Marcus Larsson, Esko Männikkö, Georg Stubbs och Bill Viola et al.

Softcover, 212 pp., 170x240 mm, offset and letterpress. (2006–2008)